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This course is for existing or aspiring team members and managers looking to develop their Risk Management skills, knowledge and capability while earning an industry recognised practitioner level qualification in Risk Management aligned to internationally recognised ISO standards and the latest core guidance 'Management of Risk: Creating and protecting value'.

Learners may be preparing to transition from a support role, or non-project focused role into a risk or project management position. Alternatively, they could be experienced managers looking to prove their skills, gain deeper understanding and enhance their Risk Management credentials by gaining the Management of Risk practitioner (M_o_R®4) certification.

The M_o_R 4 Practitioner qualification is intended for:
• Programme or Project Management professionals
   E.g. Programme Managers; Project Managers; PMO Support; PMO Analysts; Project Risk Managers; Portfolio Management staff
• Professionals enabling or supporting effective risk management
   E.g. Business Change Managers; Business Analysts; Production, Delivery and Operations Managers; Service Designers/Architects; Management Consultants
• Risk professionals requiring a best practice approach to risk management applicable across sectors and projects
   E.g. Senior Risk Manager; Corporate Risk Managers; Risk Manager; IT Risk Manager; Assistant Risk Manager; Head of Risk Management; Risk Analyst


The M_o_R 4 Practitioner Examination is intended to assess whether the candidate can demonstrate sufficient ability to understand, apply and tailor the M_o_R framework to be awarded the M_o_R 4 Practitioner qualification. A successful Practitioner candidate should, with suitable direction, know how to apply the M_o_R framework, but may need support to apply it to some situations. Their individual risk management expertise, the complexity of the environment, and the support provided for the use


Course Objectives


At the end of this course, the delegates will be able to:

  • Define the purpose and principles of risk management

  • Explain how risk management applies within and across the 6 perspectives

  • Identify how people and culture influence effective risk management

  • Explain how to apply the 8 processes of risk management to create and protect value


Course Materials


Our package includes:

  • PeopleCert Official Training Materials (OTM)

  • M_o_R® 4: Management of Risk: Creating and Protecting Value eBook

  • Sample exam papers and rationales

  • Official PeopleCert M_o_R® 4 Practitioner Exam Voucher (valid for 12 months)



Practitioner Exam Overview


Material allowed: This is an 'open book' exam. (M_o_R 4 manual only)
Exam duration: 2 hours 15 minutes (135 minutes)
Number of marks: 65 marks
Pass mark: 33 marks (50% or higher)
Level of thinking: Bloom’s levels 2, 3 & 4
Exam format: Scenario from the manual, & Question booklet
Question types: Standard Classic & Matching 'multiple choice'.

'Bloom’s level' describes the type of thinking needed to answer the question.
For Bloom’s Level 2 questions, you need to show understanding of these concepts.
For Bloom’s level 3 questions, you need to apply your knowledge to a situation.
For Bloom’s level 4 questions, you need to analyze the information provided and reason whether a course of action is effective/appropriate.

M_o_R® 4 Practitioner Course with Official Exam

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